About Me

Hi! I’m Dom

Technology and IT enthusiast

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What’s up, my name is Dominik but you can call me Dom. I’m an expert in IT with many years of experience building and repairing PC’s. I’m also a Tech enthusiast passionate about computers and the latest tech and gadgets. I run this blog and YouTube channel as a hobby which I don’t earn from.

My Story

Whilst studying at college, I decided to share my passion and experience with others so I opened a YouTube channel called Dominik’s Computing Blog and my first video was actually part of an assignment where I had to show evidence of being able to build a computer, the evidence needed to be in the form of a YouTube video and it was filmed in class. However, the video was of poor quality and I removed it after my assignment was marked. My second video was of me upgrading my incompatible Intel Pentium 4, Dell Optiplex GX280 to Windows 10 Insider preview. I can’t remember which version it was but it was a very early version. This is my most popular YouTube video today! Dominik’s Computing Blog was rebranded several times and is now called Tech With Dom.

I also decided to open a blog on Blogger, called Dominik’s Computing Blog, this blog was replaced Dominik’s Tech Blog which I rebranded to Dominik Kwolczak | Tech and hosted on a new domain, this later became Tech With Dom.

What do I do?

In my spare time, I write guides, reviews and anything about Technology. I also make YouTube videos with a similar theme but in video form.