A Guide to switching your phone to one with a different OS

There are many things to consider when switching or upgrading your phone. This article is a guide to all people who are planning to either upgrade from Android to IOS or from IOS to Android. I will explain the things you need to know, the advantages and my experience switching from Android to IOS.

To begin with, I was always an Android user. I loved the freedom of the system, the customization side of things as well as the phones. For some reason, I was always against iPhones. However, since I was due an upgrade, I decided to try something different. It wasn’t a big upgrade as I didn’t want to top of the range phone, I just wanted a phone that would suit my needs and the iPhone 6 suit my needs perfectly. Yes I know it’s old now! but I got a great deal on it!

Was it easy to switch?

Upgrading from one Android phone to another is easy, most of the things are backed up to your Google Account, therefore it’s just a case of restoring all apps and data from your old device to your new device during the initial setup. I believe it’s similar to iPhones. However, it wasn’t as easy when it came to switching from Android to IOS. Luckily Apple has developed a useful app known as Move to IOS. On the other hand, the Android doesn’t currently have an app like that, but they do have Google Drive, which you can upload your contacts, calendar and photos and videos too. You will need to find and download all of your apps to it manually unless there’s an app I don’t know about that can do this for you. Leave a comment in the description if you know of an app or a better method.

The first problem I found, is that not every app I use is available on the Apple Store. However, I seemed to easily find similar apps. The second issue was getting used to the new system, which to be honest didn’t take that long.

So personally, I found it easy to switch, but it might not be as easy for everyone as it was for me. Therefore, below are two guides which will help you.


Did I face any problems?

Yes, as I already mentioned, not all apps that I use are available on IOS, but there are alternatives. But, to be honest I haven’t faced any other issues.

Was the change worth it?

There will be loads of mixed opinions here, however, for me, it definitely was worth it. Yes, I do like Android, however, IOS seems to be less laggy and it just performs well. I had many great Android phones, such as the Google Pixel 2 but, if I’m not getting along with them, they aren’t worth keeping. The Google Pixel 2 was good and it had a great camera but the battery didn’t last long and I didn’t like using it, but we all have our preferences, but that’s a different story.

To me, the change meant, I finally have a phone I like using. Yes, it’s not the newest, but it’s enough for my needs.