Yes, I know CDs are slowly becoming extinct, but can I survive with my new rig not having a CD drive?


To start with, my previous rig was getting old so I decided to build a new one. When planning out the components I was going to be purchasing, I looked at what I actually need and the first thing that came to mind was whether I actually use the CD drive. To be honest, I don’t think I even used it once this year so I made the decision to buy a case without a shelf for one.

Looking at the way things are going at the moment, CDs don’t seem to be used as often as they used to be. I mean I can’t remember the last time I have seen either Office or Internet Security being sold on CD’s, they usually come on scratch cards. People seem to be using streaming services a lot more compared to buying CDs. If you think about it for that £10 per month it’s like buying all the CD’s out there for the price of 1. But unfortunately, this is where artists miss out.

Do I regret this decision?

No, I don’t regret this decision. I have actually purchased an external DVD drive for £20, so when I need it I just grab it out of my draw. The thing is that in everyday life I don’t find a CD drive useful. There is no point of burning data cd’s as we have other storage devices for that and I don’t tend to listen to CDs any more. I mean, in my opinion, nowadays CD drives are something one would use once in a while but then forget that it even exists. <strong>Most new PC’s don’t even come with a CD drive!