A Guide to installing Ubuntu

Ok, so you’re either thinking of trying out or you’re actually installing Ubuntu on your machine. You are in the right Place! In this article, I will show you how to install Ubuntu.

So, I will be installing Ubuntu on a Virtual Box. Virtual Box is a free, open-source program that allows you to install an Operating System as an application within your current system. This guide will cover the installation with and without Virtual Box.

You will need:

  • Ubuntu Desktop ISO – Available here…
  • Virtual Box (If installing virtually) – Available here…
  • USB Drive with at least 4GB storage (If installing on your PC)
  • Etcher (If installing on your PC) – Available here…

Installing Ubuntu

If you either want to try out Ubuntu on your PC or actually install it on your PC, start with step 1. If like me, you want to install Ubuntu onto a Virtual box start from step 3.

1. Prepare your USB drive

The USB drive needs to have at least 4 GB of storage space. The USB drive will be formatted so you will lose your data. If you don’t have a spare USB drive. It’s possible to burn the ISO onto a blank DVD.  When ready, Plug your USB drive into your PC.

2. Create your Image 

I will be installing the image onto an 8 GB USB drive. To create your image you will need to…

  • Run Etcher
  • Select your image – that’s the Ubuntu ISO file that you just downloaded
  • Select your USB Drive
  • Click Flash

Once the program finishes flashing, you simply restart your PC and boot from the USB drive.

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3. Configure Virtual Box

  • Launch Virtual Box and select New
  • Name your system, Choose type and version
  • Press Next
  • Choose the amount of memory (RAM) you want to give your system – I chose 2 GB
  • Select “Create a virtual hard disk now”
  • Chose VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) and click next
  • Select Dynamically allocated and click next
  • Give the hard disk some storage space. I decided that 20 GB is sufficient.
  • Click Create
  • Select your newly created system and click on settings on the bar
  • Go to Storage
  • Click the CD under IDE Controller
  • Under attributes, select the cd drop down and browse for the Ubuntu ISO
  • Once selected, click OK
  • Click the Start button 

4. The Installation

This step is for when you are installing Ubuntu on your PC and Virtual Box

  • If you want to Try Ubuntu on your PC before installing it, the “Try Ubuntu” option allows you to do so with out even installing it
  • Click “Install Ubuntu to continue installation
  • Choose your keyboard layout
  • Select “Normal installation” and click continue 
  • Click “Erase disk and install Ubuntu”
  • Follow the setup steps in creating your profile and wait for Ubuntu to install


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