A Guide to fixing a slow Android Phone

Like most devices, Android Phones do get slow over time. If your phone has slowed down you are at the right place! In this guide, I will show you how to speed up a Slow Android Phone.

This guide will work for Android tablets too!

1. Clean your Storage!

Storage problems are known to cause performance issues on Android devices. When your phone or tablet gets low on storage space, it will have limited space to store files that are required for an app to run smoothly.

There are many apps that will help you clean your storage. Below are the two that I recommend:

Files by Google is a file manager which helps Android users Free up space by giving users recommendations on useless files that don’t need to live on your phone. Since the app is technically a file manager, it also helps users find files quicker, backup files and share files.

On the other hand, CCleaner is an advanced optimisation tool which removes useless junk from your phone. It also allows you to monitor your system.

You can also manually clean you app Cache!

2. Uninstall apps that you don’t use

Sometimes, we install apps just for that single occasion. Those apps take up valuable storage space so get rid of them!

But what if you need those apps?

Sometimes we just can’t help it our phones are full, the list below shows your options. This works well for low end phones!

  • Check if there is a lite version of the app
  • Check if there is a browser version
  • Check for an alternative

You may find that some apps will not delete. If that is the case you should disable them.

3. Try a different launcher

Sometimes device manufacturers create launchers that are way to heavy for that particular device. They probably do it to save money, especially if they create that launcher for more then one model. The beauty is Android is that you can customise it. There are loads of cool launchers out there.

4. Check for updates

Sometimes all it takes to speed up your phone is an update. Manufacturers often release updates to fix stuff.  Give it a go!