Is it worth buying an iPod/Mp3 player in 2018?

Do you remember those days before the iPhone? iPod’s and MP3 players used to be the things to get. But the question is are they still worth it in 2018? Well…

I know what you’re thinking… why purchase something when you have it built into your phone. It’s important to remember that these days music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music seem to be the way forward.

At this stage your probably thinking what is this guy talking about an MP3 player in 2018? Well, they might not be the go-to solution for many but people still use them.

So why might one want an iPod/MP3 player?

They are small and ideal for sports

When running or doing workouts, you might not want a huge bulky smartphone with you. There are several much smaller purpose-built devices for sports such as the iPod shuffle or the SanDisk Clip Sport both of which have a clip meaning that you can attach it anywhere you want.

If your smartphone has low storage space or if the battery runs down fast

If you don’t use music streaming services and you have huge music collections, storage space can be an issue, especially when your smartphone doesn’t have much of it.

If your the battery on your smartphone drains fast, MP3 players and iPods can be the ideal solution for you!

To take with you on your travels

When travelling, you might not want the battery on your smartphone to drain that fast. This could be due to many reasons such as emergencies, taking photos or because you want to keep in touch with people. Mp3 players are ideal for listening to music while travelling.

Do you still use an iPod/Mp3 player? Let me know in the comments!