New Video: Dell Optiplex 380 – Restoration

There’s so much you can do with an old PC, I turned mine into a Linux learning machine running Linux Mint!

Upgraded parts

Before I installed Linux Mint, I decided to upgrade some of the components to make it run smoother. The Dell Optiplex 380 came to me with Windows XP installed, but it actually has a Windows 7 licence sticker. Unfortunately, this particular processor will not run Windows 10, but I decided that it will be a great PC to learn Linux on without the need of dual booting or using virtual box.


It came with 2 GB of RAM which I upgraded to 4 because that is what I had to hand.


The computer came with a 80 GB hard drive. 80GB it a very small amount of storage space. Linux mint shouldn’t have a big issue with it but I decided that it will be best to put an SSD in there.

Check out:

In the past, I have made a video about installing Windows 10 onto the Dell Optiplex GX280. The problem was that the processor an Intel Pentium 4 did not support essential features. I overcame the issue by doing some upgrades.