Smartwatches – Do we need them? What do you think?

It appears that the world has gone Smartwatch crazy – or has it? In this article, I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of owning a smartwatch and whether we can live without them…

To begin with, with our Smartphones are already giving us so many notifications, why would we want them vibrating and making noise on our wrist too? Well…

Watches were designed to tell the time! Why would you want to recharge your watch? I mean my Casio has a 10-year battery life whereas any Smartwatch I ever had needed to be recharged at least once a day.

In his blog, Mitch Goldfarb has summarised it accordingly:

Ok, Smartwatches are the next generation of watches, just like we moved on from the pocket watch to the wristwatch. They can actually be useful, especially for the business customer.

In order to make up our decision about Smartwatches, a good start will be to compare the advantages and disadvantages. I personally always liked the idea of having a Smartwatch and have had many in the past.

From my experience here are the advantages and disadvantages of having a smartwatch…

Advantages of owning a SmartWatch

1. Fitness

Fitness is the big one. However, it depends on the watch because not all watches are good for fitness. But there are some awesome choices available. Fitbit is one of the most popular brands when it comes to fitness watches. But, in the past, I used the Samsung Gear Fit 2 and I prefer it to my Fitbit Blaze. Right now I just use my Apple watch as its just as good.

2. Music

If you’re like me and love your music, most smartwatches offer the ability to control from your wrist so no more having to reach out for your phone in your pocket.

3. Pay

Some watches such as the Apple Watch allow you to make contactless payments, meaning that you don’t need to carry your wallet with you.

5. Travel

Many companies offer mobile tickets that also work on a smartwatch, once again making life more convenient. You can also have your maps on it for navigation purposes.

6. Reply on the go

Many smartwatches offer the ability replying to your messages and emails.

7. Apps

Apart from the stuff mentioned above, most smartwatches that are either Wear OS or Apple Watch OS have tons of apps available which not only can boost your productivity but can actually be fun.

8. Watch faces

Most smart watches allow you to customise the watch face to suit your style

The Disadvantages

1. Loads of notifications

I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of notifications and I’m sure you don’t want them vibrating away on your wrist, especially when they already are on your phone.

2. Battery

Most smartwatches I ever used only have a short battery life, the only exception was the Pebble Classic, if anybody remembers them.

So now that I wrote about the advantages and disadvantages…

  • Do we actually need them? No.
  • Are they useful? necessarily.
  • Are they worth it? Yes!

What do you think about smartwatches? Leave a comment below…

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