An end to Windows Phone

Whilst Windows Phone is not a popular solution for smartphones, it’s still used and Microsoft has just put a nail in the coffin to those remaining users…

In an article by Tom Warren from The Verge, Tom states that “Microsoft is planning to end support for Windows 10 Mobile devices in December”. This presents a lot of problems because even though Windows Phones aren’t that popular with the general consumer, they seem to be popular in the Business environment and why not.

From my experience of owning the Nokia Lumia 520 and 640, I actually got on well with those phones. In fact, I never experienced half the problems I experienced with Android Phones including constant WiFi dropouts, laggines and so on. But those issues may have been related to the actual phone rather than the Operating System. I actually like android too!

Tom also states that “Microsoft is now recommending that Windows 10 Mobile users move to iOS or Android devices”. Considering the security implications this is a solid move by Microsoft.

So What next?

Well, Microsoft seems to be concentrating on Mobile Apps for iOS and Android and in my humble opinion, it’s a good thing that Microsoft is still catering for mobile users but it’s a shame that they are getting rid of Windows 10 Mobile.

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