10 FREE Useful tools that every IT Tech needs

There are many great Free tools out there! In this article, I will summarise the tools that I think are worth using.

1. All in One – System Rescue Toolkit

All In One System Rescue ToolKit

The All in One – System Rescue Toolkit is a wonderful toolkit packed with a Live CD and a Windows executable. The toolkit includes various useful tools such as Boot repair, antivirus and data recovery.

Check out Paul’s website for more information: https://paul.is-a-geek.org/aio-srt/

2. Ninite – Install all your programs at once!


Yes, you read correctly! Ninite is a great tool that not only saves you time but also the hassle of having to search the web for programs.

Check out their website: https://ninite.com/

3. Driver Pack Solution

DriverPack Solution

Have you ever found yourself searching for drivers for hours? I know I have! Driver Pack Solution is a great tool which finds and installs the drivers for you. Just be sure to make sure that you are installing only the things you want as it strangely adds other programs to your download list – all of which are useful.

Driver Pack Solution is available in three different versions including DriverPack Online which searches for the latest drivers, Driver Pack Offline (Network), this is an offline version packed with network drivers and the full offline version.

Driver Pack Solution is available here: https://drp.su/en

4. Active Kill Disk

Active Kill Disk Bootable

If you are planning to recycle your hard drive Active Kill Disk is a great tool which wipes the hard drive.

Active Kill Disk is available here: https://killdisk.com/eraser.html

5. Ubuntu

Ubuntu Desktop in Trial Mode

Yes, I know Ubuntu is an Operating System, but actually, if you boot it in trial mode you will find many useful tools such as GParted which is a partition editor and Power Statistics.

Ubuntu is available at: https://www.ubuntu.com/

6. Win Dir Stat


Do you ever wonder what is using up all the storage space on your computer? Win Dir Stat will show you just that! According to their website, “WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for various versions of Microsoft Windows”. The main feature that I like is the graph that shows disk usage.

Win Dir Stat is available on this website: https://windirstat.net/

7. BitDefender Rescue Disk

BitDefender Rescue Disk

There are so many of these available and I tried most but I like the BitDefender most, hence the reason I’m recommending it. Like many, the BitDefender Rescue Disk runs a scan outside of Windows increasing the chance of detection.

The Bit-defender Rescue disk can be found on their website.

8. Portable Apps

Portable Apps Platform

Installing and uninstalling apps frequently can be a tiring task. There are various great utilities such as Wise Data Recovery that can simply be run of a flash drive. I have been using the Portable Apps platform since the days of Windows XP and it has never let me down. I highly recommend it! Just to make things clear, Portable Apps doesn’t only feature utilities but many other great apps and even games!

Find out more on their website!

9. WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyser

WiFi Analyzer is a great tool which can assist you with your WiFi. It shows the Wi-Fi channels around you which in return helps you to find a less crowded channel for your router. WiFi analyser also enables you to find the best area for your WiFi. Unfortunately, WiFi Analyzer is only available for Android which is bad news for people like me who use iPhones.

I haven’t been able to find an IOS alternative but if you know of one, Please let me know in the comments!

The app is available to download from the Google Play Store, at this link.

10. Virtual Box

Virtual Box enables you to run a separate system within the system you are running. It’s a great tool if you want to test out new programs or even new systems because the changes you make inside of Virtual Box shouldn’t affect your running system.

Do you know of any other useful tools? Let me know in the comments!