Is Windows 10 really that bad?

Many of you who follow me know that I moved to Linux Mint just over 3 months ago. I never talked about what I truly think about Windows 10.

My Story with using Windows

I’m not a huge fan of Windows 10 but it doesn’t mean that I totally hate it. With my favourite version of Windows gone and my second favourite about to lose support what’s left? Well, quite a bit actually. I love Microsoft Office, whilst I wasn’t able to find a suitable alternative to the package for Linux I did find that using Office 365 online allowed to do my Coursework without any issues.

Windows XP will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the system I learned and developed my IT Skills for the first time. I do indeed miss the system but it’s time to move on. Although I still have Windows XP installed on a purpose build Gaming Laptop. Feel free to check out the video below…

Whilst Windows 7 was cool, I never thought of it as an improvement of Windows XP. In fact, I always thought it was worst, but like Windows XP, Windows 7 gave me a chance to develop my IT skills in College and University. To be honest, I only understood the advantages of Windows 7 when I started working in IT a couple of years ago.

I wasn’t a fan of Windows 8 at all, but for some reason, I liked Windows 8.1 – Yes I know! For some reason, I liked the idea of a full-screen start menu after a friend showed me his customised start menu and I liked it. In College, I got a chance to install Windows 8.1 free but from using it every day on my laptop, I learned to quickly hate the experience, mainly due to that side charm and the way the start menu functioned. I had huge hopes for Windows 10.

At first, I became a Microsoft Insider which gave me the ability to test out the latest beta versions of Windows and I liked the system a lot. Yes, there have been many speculations regarding security and other things. But I liked the look, the feal etc.

As a Microsoft Insider, I started using the system on a Virtual Box. But the trouble was that my computer at the time just did not perform as it should, so I decided to get my old Dell Optiplex GX280 out of storage and I attempted to install Windows 10. Unfortunately, The version of the processor wasn’t compatible so I did a couple of tweaks as shown in the video below…

At the same time, I started teaching myself about Linux and I found the system better but the issue was and it proved to make me constantly switch was the fact the programs I used mainly at the time were not available on Linux.

So is Windows 10 that bad?

In recent months, I’ve been facing more and more issues with Windows 10 that were related to bugs more than anything and Windows Updates were killing me. On many occasions when I just quickly wanted to check something or copy a file onto my flash drive I was welcomed by the good old “Installing Updates Screen”.

I know that many people hate the Windows updates thing – myself included. But the reality is that it’s a good thing! In the past with older systems, people never bothered installing Windows Updates and this was causing a lot of issues from both the security and stability side of things. I can’t count the number of people that have told me that they are not bothered about Windows updates as they are not important and they break your computer. Guess who came back to me asking me to fix their computer or that their program won’t install because it requires service pack 1 which they don’t want to install – I had a lot of this in the past. Or the other one was “I never had any issues without them” – until they needed my help.

Windows 10 has an amazing interface which I really like, it’s easy to use, pleasant on the eyes and stable – usually! I love the start menu but think that it would be even better if Microsoft has returned the desktop widgets to the Start Menu tiles. Yes, there are many live tiles available!

Privacy can be a concern with Windows 10 but the thing is we are spied on every day by internet cookies, CCTV, our banks, online shopping, our smartphones so what difference would a computer make? I mean Windows 10 does give you options to control what data is sent off.

Driver support is amazing on Windows 10. I can’t count the number of hours I used to spend trying to find all the drivers online for computers to work properly. In many but not all cases, Windows 10 does all the hard work for you!

Check out some the other advantages on this PC Mag article.

I’m not exactly sure why Microsoft chose to have Settings and Control Panel, one can only assume that it’s to make thing simpler for the inexperienced users and have the control panel for the more experienced users. What do you think?

To wrap up…

I think that Windows 10 is a good system for many reasons but thinking back to my migration to Linux Mint, I see the future in Linux and by the looks of things, Microsoft does too as written in this OMG Ubuntu article. In fact, Windows 10 seems to be the last ever version of Windows as explained in this article. It seems that Microsoft will just be releasing updates whilst it’s being developed. But the question is what happens once Windows 10 stops being developed? What do you think – comment below.

Personally, I don’t think that Windows 10 is bad, I think it’s good but I will continue to use Linux Mint and Windows 10 in a dual boot but Linux Mint is now my main system.