Can I build an everyday PC for under £50?

In this video, I am building a budget PC, ideal for Students for coursework, browsing the internet and many basic everyday tasks.

Why is this a good idea?

What a good question, especially when ex-business PC’s can be purchased cheaply. Well it’s not exactly fun purchasing an off the shelf PC and you can’t tell your friends and relatives that you built one either!

If you want to get into PC building you have to start somewhere. I actually started by purchasing an ex-business Dell Optiplex GX280 and I rebuilt it so many times, upgrading the components and operating systems. That is how you learn. Feel free to check out the below article which explains more about this topic…

Practice makes perfect!

When building your very first PC, you don’t want to be worried that the parts you have been saving your money for will get damaged – I’m not saying they won’t! But Practice makes perfect and it’s the same when building PCs.

I just need a PC every now and then for writing the odd letter and browsing the internet

If you just need a PC for the basics, why overspend? This type of solution is perfect for basic needs!

I’m a student and I want a PC for Coursework

If you’re a Student – like me, you might just want a computer to write your coursework on. Not only is this type of solution cheap but you get to learn about the hardware and tell your friends that you built your own PC!


Case:Unknown Brand
PSU: FSP Group FSP300-60PLN 300W
CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00GHz
Motherboard: Intel Socket: LGA775 (Model Unknown)
RAM:8GB (4x2GB) DDR2 Samsung
Storage:Adata 128GB SSD
CD Drive:Generic DVD Re-writer

So how much did it cost?

PSU:Bundled with case
RAM: £10.00
CD Drive:£3.00