Do Android devices need security apps?

We take security seriously these days but should we take it as seriously as installing extra security apps on our phones and tablets?

You can make your own decision on this one but first, allow me to explain what I mean by the term “Security Apps”…

To start with, there are many forms of security apps out there and in this article, I will go explain what they are, how they can help you and whether I recommend them.

Anti-virus apps

Whilst there are loads of articles online that suggest they are useless, I wouldn’t exactly say that for all. In fact from the experience of testing these products I can confirm that they have some useful features such as Anti-theft which I will talk about later in this article. On my test tablet, I currently have AVG Antivirus Pro installed which came installed with a Premium trial. Whilst the app does have useful features such as a disk cleaner, WiFi Scanner, Anti-theft and most importantly of all a virus scanner. I still wouldn’t install it on my phone. The reason is simple my phone has all these features built-in by the manufacturer.

But not all phones come with these features build in and some people might want the extra security especially when storing confidential data. I was always a believer that if your device connects to the internet it should have antivirus software installed. But as Roy Conli once said…

The mind is the greatest weapon in the world.

Roy Conli

This is also true when it comes with keeping your device secure. If you only install apps from the Google Play Store, read reviews and check what permissions the app requires you will be a lot safer. Leaving the default settings enabled such as blocking installations from unknown sources can also help. Although it’s worth mentioning that installing apps from 3rd party sources is not always dangerous and there are good reasons for you to do so. I mean, I remember installing apps from the Amazon Underground App store.

But then again there are loads of apps out there that can indeed harm your device. Whilst Google does pull these apps there’s nothing from stopping attackers from uploading these apps to new accounts. Therefore, it’s still good to have a basic program installed.

When people usually ask me about what antivirus software I recommend, I usually refer to test institute websites such as AVTest. These test institutes are a good indication of what programs do their job.

On the other hand, you might have heard in the news that most Antivirus programs don’t actually work. This test by AV comparatives gives you a great idea of how many don’t do their job as they should.


Many Antivirus apps offer an Anti-Theft feature which will locate your phone, some will even take a photo and send it to you if you type your pin code wrong too many times! This, of course, is a great idea and should help either you or the Police find your device. There are many great Android anti-theft apps available the article below should give you an insight…


This article could be nothing without mentioning a VPN or Virtual Private Network. VPN’s are ideal when connecting to Public WiFi hotspots as they shield your data. The article below article explains how they work in more detail…

What are your opinions about installing extra security software? Let us know in the comments!