Reasons to buy a laptop under £200


There are many laptops under £200 on the market but the question is are they worth it? Allow me to explain…

First of all, it’s important to understand what these laptops are actually designed for and why it might be a good buy. Now I know that you’re gonna say that a laptop of such a low spec is only good for throwing out of the window. But what you have to remember is that not everybody requires a high spec laptop.

So why would I want such a cheap laptop?

There are many cheap laptops on the market. One of the better ones is the HP Stream 14. This is a laptop that I had a chance to use and test and I must admit it wasn’t a bad laptop. In fact, if I was looking for a laptop for travel that would be my first choice because, it’s cheap, reasonable and cheaper enough to replace if something happened to it. My only complaint about this laptop was the colour, which in my case was blue. But the HP Stream 14 is one laptop, it’s also a laptop that I had experience with. There are many other laptops of similar specs on the market.

Please bare in mind that this article focuses on cheap laptops in general and that I’m not advertising a particular make and model. This article is based on my own experience.

Ideal for browsing the internet and watching videos

These laptops are great if you prefer to browse the internet but use a physical keyboard at the same time. Although depending on the spec, I wouldn’t recommend using a heavy browser like Chrome.

Ideal for writing documents and taking lecture notes

As a University Student, I use a Linx 10v32 for note taking. The Linx 10v32 is actually a Windows-based tablet with a detachable keyboard. From my experience, it serves it’s role very well. I even managed to do basic programming and image editing using Photoshop even though it only has 2GB of RAM, an Atom processor and 32B of storage space. I can’t say much about performance, especially with heavier stuff like Photoshop, but hey I was able to do my stuff without any major performance issues.

It’s cheap!

What more can be said? If you only have the need to use a computer occasionally then why overspend?

But if you do require something more than that, why not look at the second-hand market?

Ideal for travel

There are many benefits to buying a cheaper laptop for travelling. I mean, things get damaged and in the worst case scenarios, lost or stolen and if it comes to that it can cheaply be replaced.

If your laptop does get damaged, as long as it works it’s still good to use for travel and actually, a damaged laptop is a good way to keep thieves away. I had a teacher at school who would ride in with the rustiest and horrible looking bike I ever saw, according to him if it looks nasty it’s less likely to get stolen.

Laptops at this price range often are small and under 14″ meaning that you aren’t carrying a massive laptop with you. They are also usually made of plastic making them light to carry.

Ideal for home work

If you’re looking for a device for your kids to do home work on, these laptops are cheap enough to replace if they brake and reasonable enough for things like home work, even IT home work.

Full version of Windows

With Windows 10 Go, there aren’t many devices at this price range that have the full version of Windows 10, but they are still out there. A full version of Windows 10 gives you access to many features and software your phone or tablet might not be able to.

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Let me know in the comments whether you would buy a laptop under £200 (253.44 USD) or if you purchased one, what you think of it?