Can Huawei survive without Google?

So Huawei has been banned from using Google services and apps in their new models. But what exactly does this mean for the manufacturer? Well…

As bad as it sounds for Huawei, it doesn’t have to be, personally, I’m hoping that this is just a massive misunderstanding because out of all Android Phones I prefer Huawei and I owned many Android Phones including Samsung’s.

It seems that Huawei is preparing for the worst. I mean I knew from the start that you can install apps without the need of the Google Play Store. A great example of what I used to use was the Amazon App Store, but there seem to be many more. I mean my Honor 8x has an App called App Gallery which is an App store, my Samsung also had a similar store. I think the main things I would miss though is the YouTube app though. In terms of the other Google Apps like Gmail, Calendar, Keep and the rest, there are many replacements available and some of them come built into your phone.

Huawei’s own OS

It was announced yesterday that Huawei is releasing their own OS called HongMeng. It was said that the new OS might even be released June this year but they turned out to be false.

According to TechRadar…

The brand has confirmed earlier statements from Richard Yu, outlining that the OS could be ready for China in late 2019 and internationally in 2020, are still accurate.

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That seems good news right? The trouble is that it will be hard to tell whether the OS will be good enough for the public to accept. But here’s the thing, Samsung is also developing their own Operating System known as Tizen OS.

Could this be the end of Android as we know it? In my view, it definitely sounds like things will be changing but the question is how much and when? I mean like I mentioned before, I’m still hoping that this is a massive misunderstanding and that things will work out.

Huawei’s own Hardware

Huawei actually builds its own processors but according to the Android Police, “the company needs a license from ARM to legally manufacture these”. This sounds like a massive drawback especially since upcoming chips won’t rely on ARM.

So what does the future hold and will they survive?

Well, at the moment the future definitely seems to be slow but hopefully, they will recover somehow. I have full faith in that but the thing is, it might not be the same.

Personally, I think that they will survive but the bans will affect the company.

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