Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse Review

There are many great mice on the market for under £40. When my mouse decided to give up I decided to get something more traditional and the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse seemed to be a perfect replacement.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Responds well Other mice at a similar price have a better DPI
Comfortable designCan take a long time to get used to the size
Solid Build
Decent Price
Good looking Retro design
Side buttons
Bluetrack technology

How does the mouse feel and perform?

It’s easy to say that once you get used to it, the mouse feels nice to use. Yes, I know that everybody’s hands are different. For me, the mouse felt too big, to begin with, but once I got used to it it feels like the most comfortable mouse ever. The addition of the two side buttons on the left-hand side makes the mouse even better.

In term’s of performance the mouse certainly feels responsive however in terms of DPI I had cheaper mice with a higher DPI. When I purchased the mouse, it was advertised as a gaming mouse. Personally, I wouldn’t strictly call it a gaming mouse because it reminds me more of a traditional business mouse, but that’s not an issue.

So what’s with the classic mouse?

Many of you might recognise this mouse or the older variation of it. It was a very popular mouse back in the day and come to think of it I still see it’s older version being used everywhere today. In fact, I remember the first version introduced in my Primary School back in 2003!

New vs Old

As it happens, I have the possibility of comparing the older model to the newer one! Whilst I wouldn’t say it’s the closest version to this model it’s still a version. The closest model is actually the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 which was released back in 2003. The new version is a complete modernisation of the old Explorer 3.0.

Whilst I can’t compare the Explorer 3.0 I can certainly compare an older version, The Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1 to be exact (Pictured below).

To begin with, the newer version feels more comfortable than the older model, whilst it does take longer to bet used to due to the size of it. The one thing I don’t like about the Optical 1.1 is that the side buttons are split, one on each side which also takes some getting used to. The one main difference between the two models is that the newer one uses BlueTrack technology which enables you to use the mouse on most surfaces.

The Unboxing

So would I recommend the new Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse?

Yes! The mouse feels comfortable and is very responsive!

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