Dell Optiplex 390 Upgrade RAM, SSD, DVD Drive

Owning a test PC can have a huge advantage, especially if you don’t want to test things out on your main rig. Unfortunetely my office space is way to small to have my main rig and a second test PC which I have had for some time. Both cases are massive. To solve this issue I decided to downscale my test PC in terms of size.

Summing up the costs of upgrading my test PC to a slim case were just not worth it because my test PC had a aging Intel Core 2 CPU and I found it cheaper to just buy a pre build ex-business PC that was already in a slimline case.

After days of research and searching the internet, I found this Dell Optiplex 390 with an Intel i3 and no RAM or storage device. Never the less, at £34.95 ($42.22) this was a bargain! I was able to use the RAM from an even older test PC which used an Intel i5 CPU. Sadly the Motherboard became faulty on that one, and I rebuilt that PC with an Intel Core 2 and compatible motherboard I had in storage.