Hi, For those of you who are new here, there have been some changes…

New Name

I have rebranded both the blog and my YouTube channel to Tech With Dom. This change was made to make it easier for you to find my content and it just sounds better. I am currently not planning to change the URL of this blog but this may be an option in the future.


Along with the new name I have removed content that isn’t related to technology. This content will be uploaded to my new general channel which I will add a link to once it’s set up.

New series

I have started a new series called Quick Tips, this is where I show quick tips relating to technology and IT. There are currently two videos in this series including a guide to formatting your USB using the Windows Command Prompt and a guide to finding missing drivers the easy way.

I will also be uploading more gaming videos! I will start with a bit of EuroTruck Simulator 2 but other games will also be included.

Finally, I am open to new ideas and tips regarding my blog articles and YouTube channel so if you have any ideas feel free to send me an email using this contact form, or leave a comment under my articles or videos. Please be aware that being a full-time student I am on a tight budget 😂