Top 10 FREE Programs for University

Hey, it’s Dom from Tech With Dom and welcome to Top 10 Free Programs for University! For those of you who are new to my blog and YouTube channel, I’m a University Student myself and since we love great deals, especially free ones! I decided to write about the Top 10 Free Programs that I use at University.

1. OneNote

OneNote is a tool I love and is part of Microsoft Office Online which you can register for free. It’s a virtual notebook! I use it for all my lectures to take notes and organise lecture slides and any paperwork given out by my lecturers. It helps me enormously to stay organised without the need of carrying loads of paperwork. The best part is that you can even download it to your tablet and smartphone!

Available on: Web, Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, IOS, Android


2. Mega

Storing and backing up your work can sometimes be a hassle. Mega is a cloud storage provider which provides 50GB of encrypted storage free of charge! The only catch is that you need to log in often to keep your account active. Since my University provides OneDrive, I have been using Mega as a backup solution. Speaking about backups…

You can’t call it a backup untill you have at least 3 copies!

Available on: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Phone, IOS, Android

Sign up:

3. Gimp

Available on: GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac


Photoshop can be expensive, especially on a Student Budget. Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a great free alternative which is packed full of great features to help you edit your photos.

4. Google Docs

Google Docs is an online Office suite just like Microsoft Office. It’s great if you are doing group work especially when you need to work on the same document. Multiple people can work on the same document at the same time and you can also work on presentations and spreadsheets! It’s a tool I discovered in College and found to be extremely useful. You get 15 GB of free Google Drive Storage too! If you have a Google Account, you don’t even need to sign up!

Available on: Web, Android, IOS

Sign up:

5. Sophos Home

It’s important to remember about antivirus software! Windows 10 has Windows Defender Built-in which is a great basic antivirus program. If you want something with more features, Sophos Home is a great free alternative. In its free version, it offers a real-time antivirus, Parental Web Filtering, Web protection which stops you from visiting suspicious websites, remote management and it can cover up to 3 devices! I liked it so much I upgraded to Premium!

Available on: Windows, Mac (Sophos provides Free Solutions for Android and Linux)

Sign up:

6. EaseUS ToDo Backup Free

As I already mentioned, backing up your work is extremely important so why don’t you get a tool that does it for you? EaseUS ToDo Backup enables you to create a backup schedule so you don’t forget to backup your data, especially coursework! Data can and most likely will get corrupt at some point, therefore it’s essential to do frequent backups. We’ve all been in a situation where data has become corrupt, I know I certainly lost a lot of work like that in the past! That’s why I follow the “If it isn’t backed up in at least 3 locations, it doesn’t exist”.

Available on: Windows


7. Cite This For Me

Creating references can be a hassle but it doesn’t need to be with Cite This For Me. It’s a browser extension that generates citations for you. You can later insert them into your coursework. It’s a tool that helped me dramatically!

Supported Browsers: Google Chrome

Download here


Do you need to make a diagram? will help you with that! It’s an online diagramming tool which helped me visualise my work dramatically whether it’s UML diagrams or something as simple as a Mind Map. It’s a tool I constantly use and recommend!

Available on: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS



9. Inkscape

Do you need to make vector graphics but can’t afford Illustrator? Inkscape is the program for you! It’s one of the best alternatives to Illustrator and it’s available on Linux systems!

Available on: GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac


10.  DaVinci Resolve

Need to make a video but miss Movie Maker? DaVinci Resolve is your Best Friend! It’s not as complicated as Premier but equally as good! It’s a program that I’ve grown to use and like on Linux since that’s the main system I use!

Available on: Linux, Windows, Mac


Know any other useful FREE Programs? Let us know in the comments!