How To Create a Custom Truck Livery on ETS2

EuroTruck Simulator 2 is a great game where you can either play solo or build your own truck empire. But what will your empire be like with there being no way of recognising your trucks? That’s why in this article I will show you how to do just that!

You will need…

ETS2 Studio (v.

Truck Templates:


Gimp: (If you don’t have Photoshop or Fireworks)

  • Create a new folder on your Desktop called Custom truck or something similar
  • Download the files from above and save it to the custom truck folder
  • Using 7zip, extract both downloads to the Custom truck folder
  • Select your truck from the ets2-templates folder
  • Copy the png file to the ETS2 Studio Folder
  • Launch ETS2Studio.exe
  • Select your truck on the left-hand menu
  • Go to the Skin properties tab
  • Give your Skin a name and internal name
  • Set your skin colour preferences
  • Select the Truck Skin tab
  • Open a new explorer window and navigate to the folder you copied the skin to
  • Open the skin using your favourite editor = I will be using Adobe Fireworks
  • Add your graphics to the png file
  • Once you have finished editing go back to the Truck sim and select your newly created skin
  • Go to the Workshop icon and either create your own icon or select use default, I selected the default for now
  • Select export mod
  • Give your new livery a name and save it to the ETS2 mod folder
  • Add the mod in Mod Manager on the profiles page and you should be good to go!
  • Drive to your nearest garage to buy the new livery.